Support for FY 2015 IFA Economic Assistance Appropriation

April 10, 2014


Senator Kevin Meyer
Senator Pete Kelly
Representative Bill Stoltze
Representative Alan Austerman

Honorable Legislators:

I write this letter to express the Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce’s support for the economic assistance appropriation to the Inter-Island Ferry Authority in FY 2015 as is provided for in the April 10th working draft of SB 119.

The Inter-Island Ferry Authority provides southern Southeast Alaskans with a transportation and shipping option that is integral not only to the regional economy but also to the quality of life experienced by the residents of both Ketchikan and Prince of Wales Island. From moving seafood to market to transporting tourists to lodges to allowing the sick and elderly access to healthcare via a means that is affordable, the IFA provides services that are simply one-of-a-kind.

As a Chamber, we work to promote regional economic growth, a climate that is good for business, a lifestyle that attracts year-round residents, and a stable, skilled workforce. The IFA supports each aspect of this mission unequivocally, and it is for this reason we believe in the necessity of the IFA’s continued existence.

I, along with the Chamber’s Board of Directors, fully support the legislature’s efforts to support the IFA, the services it provides, and a sound socioeconomic climate in the southern Southeast Alaskan region through this appropriation.



Chelsea J. Goucher, Executive Director
Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce
O: (907) 225-3184
C: (907) 220-2133

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