February 10, 2014

Kathleen Light, Executive Director
Ketchikan Area Arts & Humanities Council
330 Main St., Ketchikan, AK  99901

Dear Ms. Light:

It is with enthusiasm that we write this letter to express the Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce’s support for the efforts being made by your organization and many others to have repealed certain audit requirements for non-profits participating in PICK. CLICK. GIVE. through the passage of HB 75.

The value to our community of non-profit organizations such as yours cannot be overstated, and it is essential that they receive the funding necessary to function. Participation in PICK. CLICK. GIVE. provides these bodies with an incredible fundraising opportunity, and audit requirements should not be so prohibitive as to make this option unviable. Citizen support for and private donations to organizations such as yours are integral to the functioning of a healthy economy. Allowing organizations access to this revenue is consistent with both the Chamber’s mission of promoting a “healthy business climate” and its vision for “a quality of life which is attractive” to prospective citizens and investors.

We, along with the Chamber’s Board of Directors, fully support the efforts of the Ketchikan Area Arts & Humanities Council as they encourage the Alaska State Legislature and Administration to alter the PICK. CLICK. GIVE. audit requirements through the passage of HB 75.

Chelsea J. Goucher                                          Nancy Christian
Executive Director                                            President of the Board

Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce
O: (907) 225-3184
C: (907) 220-2133
E: chelsea@ketchikanchamber.com

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