You can work remotely, so why not do it from America’s most wildly beautiful community?
Relocate to Ketchikan, Alaska and experience total connectivity.

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For remote workers and other tech-based entrepreneurs, Ketchikan represents a unique opportunity to live a connected lifestyle.

Living in Ketchikan means living connected: to stunning natural beauty; to lightning-speed internet; to low-cost renewable energy; to unique arts and cultural experiences; and to excellent medical and educational facilities.

Our residents enjoy an affordable and unparalleled quality of life with diverse economic opportunities and amazing cultural diversity in one of the world’s most beautiful settings for outdoor recreation.

Ketchikan Alaska Location


Ketchikan has all of the infrastructure that tech-savvy workers need, nestled within pristine temperate rainforest and ocean. Be equally connected to the global workplace and boundless natural beauty of the Tongass National Forest and Alexander Archipelago.



Clean, Affordable Energy

Thanks to government investments in clean, renewable hydropower projects, Ketchikan’s residents enjoy the lowest energy costs in Alaska, paying just $0.10 per kWh – rates which are substantially lower than many places in the US, including Seattle. The vast majority of Ketchikan’s energy comes from hydropower, making it one of the “greenest” cities in America.

Air & Freight Services

Alaska Airlines provides daily jet service to and from Seattle, Juneau, and Anchorage. Ketchikan is a 90 minute direct flight from Seattle-Tacoma airport, where you can catch connecting flights to hundreds of locations worldwide. Twice-weekly barge services from the Puget Sound region allow for predictable and reliable shipments of larger items at affordable rates.

World-Class Healthcare Services

Ketchikan’s hospital, operated by PeaceHealth, is a modern facility which serves as a medical service hub for the entire southern southeast Alaska region. Its ER, ICU, surgery, and birthing suites can handle diverse challenges. Emergency evacuation services are provided by Guardian Flight, which puts Seattle’s world-leading healthcare facilities in easy reach.

Unlimited High-Speeds

Ketchikan residents enjoy flexible, scalable options for lightning-speed broadband, internet, and telecommunications services, made possible through fiber optic connections to the lower 48.


Outdoor Activities

Stand-up paddleboard through the Alexander Archipelago, take a quick run on the trails, grow out your beard and go on a mountain goat hunt, snorkel for crab and scallops, or kayak out to photograph sea otter rafts. In Ketchikan, adventures are only limited by your imagination.


Ketchikan offers diverse dining experiences, varying from locally-sourced seafood and vegetables to a variety of ethnic foods. If you’re a coffee drinker, our local roasters have you covered. Picky eater? Grocery stores and other services offer specialty food shipments. And did we mention Alaskan seafood?


Ketchikan, known as the “salmon capital of the world,” is widely viewed as one of the world’s premier sports fishing destinations. Whether you are chasing trophy halibut, fly-fishing for steelhead and coho off the road system, pulling crab and shrimp pots, or simply trying to fill the freezer, amazing fishing is just minutes away.

Culture & History

Ketchikan is a place where the Alaska Native Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian cultures converge. Indigenous art, language, song, dance, and food are an ever-present aspect of our community. Local museums share the rich history of the pioneer days, replete with fish-pirates, prospectors, and even ladies of the night.

The Arts

Ketchikan has an amazingly diverse arts scene. From the performing arts, to ongoing gallery shows, to unbeatable opportunities for nature and wilderness photography, and beyond, there is truly something for every taste. The million cruise ship passengers which visit Ketchikan’s downtown each year create sales opportunities for local artists. It’s no surprise that so many award-winning painters, photographers, and illustrators have put down roots in our town.

Get Around Quicker

Eliminate stressful, lengthy commutes through aggressive urban traffic. Instead, enjoy views of oceans, mountains, and forests on short, beautiful drives along Ketchikan’s scenic roadways.



Ketchikan has a well-funded school system, with modern, well-appointed K-12 facilities. The University of Alaska Southeast’s local campus offers diverse opportunities for pursuing degrees and accreditations, building new skills, and pursuing lifetime learning. Ketchikan’s newly-constructed library offers residents access to a wealth of knowledge, in a relaxing and beautiful environment.


Yes, you really do get paid to live in Alaska — in 2017, every resident received a $1,100 Permanent Fund Dividend. For children, this offers a great opportunity to begin saving and investing for college. Also, don’t forget to get an Alaska Airlines credit card so you can earn a free plane ticket for your next vacation. Don’t forget all that fresh Alaskan seafood!


The Ketchikan region offers diverse employment opportunities in sectors including construction, the maritime industry, fisheries, government services, and tourism. Local, state, federal, and tribal governments and non-profit organizations are a major employer for skilled professionals, as well, and offer diverse locally-based opportunities for contractors. Government contractor? Ketchikan is a HubZone region. Or, build a partnership with one of our Alaska Native organizations, which qualify for the SBA’s 8(a) program.

With one million cruise ship passengers per year, entrepreneurs in the entertainment, retail, tourism, and other sectors have access to a very large potential market. Access to high-speed internet, reliable freight and mail services, and the cheapest electricity in Alaska make Ketchikan the ideal location to launch your start-up.

Affordable Housing

As housing prices in major cities continue to soar, Ketchikan offers much more affordable alternatives. The stereotype of Alaska being too expensive does not hold true here. Whether you want to live downtown or out of town, Ketchikan has diverse housing options that make it affordable to live a tremendously high quality of life.




LiveConnected will empower Ketchikan to attract remote workers and other tech-based entrepreneurs as an ideal location to live and work electronically.

Our Team

The LiveConnected Task Force / Advisory Team is comprised of a diverse group of Ketchikan residents with demonstrations in marketing, advertising, project management, administration, business, and real estate fields.


The Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce is currently seeking investors to advance the LiveConnected project; a dynamic initiative to attract tech-based entrepreneurs and remote workers to relocate to Ketchikan.

Funding will be used to implement a marketing, advertising, and recruitment campaign with an objective of attracting remote workers and tech-based entrepreneurs to relocate to Ketchikan.

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