The Chamber means business…and more money for your business! The Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce promotes progress through unity. Your investment in the Chamber of Commerce will benefit your business by providing:

  1. Your Business Listed: When you join the Chamber, you get your business listed on our website, mobile website and Smart Phone App. Thus, referring countless potential customers to YOU!
  2. Networking opportunities: Participate in Chamber activities such as weekly luncheons, committee meetings, quarterly Chamber After Hours, and our annual Awards Banquet and familiarize our members with your business.
  3. Advertising Opportunities: Through the Chamber you may choose to put your name out to the community through ads in our online newsletter inserts, web site sponsorships, or through our two monthly radio programs. Mailing labels are offered at special Chamber rates.
  4. Committees of Interest: Chamber members may choose to lend their skills to a committee or two that puts their talents to use.
  5. Educational Opportunities: Stay informed on timely topics by hearing from our weekly lunch speakers or attending Chamber sponsored seminars, workshops, and committee meetings.
  6. Web Site Link Availability: Prior to moving, many people consult the Chamber of Commerce. Make your business familiar to future, as well as current residents by linking to the Chamber Web Site. Links are complimentary to all members, while Web Site sponsorships are available at a nominal fee.
  7. Discounted Rates: Chamber members are able to receive special coupons that are distributed to Chamber After Hours Attendees.
  8. Strength in Numbers: In becoming a member of the Chamber, you are not only a part of the collective body, but an integral piece of the machinery. You have a choice and a voice in the situations surrounding your business needs. One voice raised in defense of a right, or one person or business taking on a project is often weak and ineffectual. When many voices are raised and many people work together in community affairs, much is achieved. Working together works for you!
  9. Community Updates: Keep your finger on the pulse of the local business community through the online Chamber newsletter.
  10. Chamber After Hours Opportunities: Chamber members are given the opportunity to host this quarterly social event that allows the business community a relaxed look at the back room workings of our members. Refreshments are served, door prizes are awarded and a fun time is had by all.
  11. Opportunities to Make a Difference: Through membership in the Chamber of Commerce, you will participate in programs and projects which improve the quality of life in our community. The Chamber unifies the public spirit of a city and directs it into useful and constructive channels. Promoting progress through unity…that’s our Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce.

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