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Situated on a rustic knoll just beyond the Pisgah Forest along the Appalachian Trail sits an oddly majestic home, with a story of love and triumph within its walls and timbers.

AZULE strives to offer its many features for the development of art projects. Visitors, artists, residents, all come to AZULE for retreat, research, exposure, criticism, challenge, improvement.

As an emerging community-based organization, Azule has developed a residency program for performers, writers, architects, builders, musicians, and artists of all types. Located on 35 rural acres in Western North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, our facility is the result of decades of work by local craftsmen, using predominantly locally harvested or reused materials and constructed with traditional techniques.

Residents are each provided either a private room or a dormitory bed, a separate workspace, and expansive views of our Appalachian mountains. The remainder of the structure is communal and includes a full kitchen, dining area, library, and various side rooms and open spaces that serve as work space, gathering space, and studio space as needed.

We invite residents to join us to enjoy a retreat from everyday life where there is time and space to relax, dream, and create.

Number of Residents: 1-3. Due to the number of bedrooms at Azule, and in order to provide each resident with ample space to work, we only accept 1-3 residents at any point in time. If you would specifically like to apply for a time frame where you will be at Azule at the same time as another resident, please indicate this on your application and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Residency Rates: A Full Week residency in a private room costs $280 per week. If you would like a partner or spouse to join you in a private room, it will be $100 extra per week. A Full Week residency in a dormitory bed costs $210 per week.

Application Deadlines: We accept applications throughout the year. Our review committee reviews applications only four times annually: March 1st, May 15th, August 15th, and November 1st.

Other Notes: In addition to hosting artist residencies, Azule occasionally hosts shorter events such as potlucks and weekend skillshares. These events can bring in larger groups that will share the Azule space for the duration of the event. Artists in residence are welcome and encouraged to join in on these events

Work Trade: We have a small work trade program available to help offset the costs for qualifying residents. The hours are available to residents that are coming to Azule for a minimum of 2 weeks. We have a total of 12 hours/month at a rate of $12.50/hr. These hours are distributed among the applicants requesting assistance each month.