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Here are some tools you’ll need for moving to Alaska & Ketchikan.  They will also help you decide whether Ketchikan is right for you.  We hope that you’ll find that it is!  The people of Ketchikan are warm, engaged, and welcoming.  Newcomers are amazed at how easy it is to get involved in the community, and in all the help they find getting oriented and settled in. Never hesitate to call us here at the Chamber for any more information you might need. We might not share our favorite King Salmon and Halibut holes right off the bat, but we’ll be very helpful with everything else.


Also, a note about the weather.  Ketchikan is in the middle of a rainforest.  There can be 160 inches of rain a year.  When you move here, you will learn how to dress so that the weather doesn’t inhibit your everyday and recreational activities.  We aren’t stopped by it. There are more active pedestrians in Ketchikan than in most places in the US.  The ocean currents that bring the rain have a moderating effect as well. It rarely gets very cold here, and it never gets hot, so the benefits far outweigh the bad.

 Getting here with all your things is easy:

 Alaska Airlines is the one airline that gets you here with several flights a day.



Or you can drive your car as far as Bellingham Washington, or Prince Rupert, British Columbia and then take a ferry on the Alaska Marine Highway.  There are several sailings per week.





You can your ship personal belongings, including your car, on barge lines from Seattle. It is surprisingly inexpensive.  This is the way most things get transported to and from Ketchikan, from fish, fine wine, widgets, boats,  to bulldozers.

Boyer Towing





Ketchikan has some amazing housing deals, and no matter where you live, the views are extraordinary. These realtors are friendly, honest, know the area well, and can help you get started.  They have rentals as well.

Coastal Real Estate Group

Gateway City Realty-


Big Dawg Realty-


There are also listings in the classifieds


Ketchikan Daily News-

The Local Paper-

When trying to learn your way around town the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce has a free app for smart phones that has a list of businesses and includes maps to those businesses. You can download the app by typing My Chamber App into your app store or you can visit the web site My Chamber App-

You might need someplace to stay while you are in transition.  Here are some great establishments with helpful staff that can help orient you.



The Cape Fox Lodge-

The Super 8 Motel-

The Best Western Landing Hotel-


If your looking to do a little fishing right off the bat, you might prefer more of a waterfront resort feel:

The Narrows Inn-

Cedars Lodge-

The New York Hotel and Inn At Creek Street-


Bed & Breakfasts

These Bed & Breakfasts are conveniently situated, beautiful, with very knowledgeable hosts

The Corner Bed and Breakfast-

The Black Bear Inn-


These two sites are great for all kinds of temporary housing from Temporary Rentals,  B&B’s, and some longer term housing as well

Ketchikan Reservation Service-

Alaska Travelers Accommodation-



Storage comes in handy with a move:

AAA Moving and Storage-

Bear Valley Mini Storage 907-225-1222

 Car Rentals:

Car rentals often come in handy while moving:

Budget Rent a Car

Alaska Car Rental


Food & Supplies

As you come into town and start to settle into your home you will need to purchase supplies, we have three grocery stores here in town, but here are the two we recommend

Alaskan & Proud Market

Tatsuda’s IGA


We also have a Wal-Mart here located just north of town-


There are plenty of jobs available in Ketchikan, and you can browse what available on this comprehensive site:

Alaska Department of Labor-


Ketchikan is full of entrepreneurial opportunities. It has inexpensive, renewable, hydropower power.  It is a regional maritime hub. Alaska Ship and Drydock-

It has a qualified work force.  It is located on the 11th largest Island in the United States. It is surrounded by the largest temperate rainforest in the world and the extraordinary marine wilderness of the Inside Passage. Over 900,000 people a year visit to experiences its beauty and wonders.

Ketchikan Visitors Bureau-


And even on a remote island in the Alexander Archipelago, we are never far from the rest of the world with Broadband Internet Access & Services




The Ketchikan PeaceHealth Medical Center

is rated as the second best small town hospital in North America

We also have many qualified health professionals outside of our hospital. For dental care we recommend Dr. Arne R. Pihl, DMD. (907) 225-7445, or Dr. David Albertson, D.D.S. (907) 225-9631. And for eye care we recommend Ketchikan Eye Care Center (907) 225-2020.


 Arts & Culture

Ketchikan is recognized as one of the 100 best small arts communities in America

Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council-

First City Players-


We have a great community portfolio with a great recreation center and  aquatic center,

Ketchikan Gateway Borough Recreation Center-

A wonderful public library, and an even more wonderful one under construction

and  we have three museums

and seven State Parks


There are as many boats as cars in Ketchikan with great ports and harbor facilities.


Our public schools are top notch, There are also educational alternatives with two charter schools, and an alternative high school.

Ketchikan also has a University of Alaska Southeast Campus-


The Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District

Fast Track Virtual School

Fawn Mountain Elementary School

Houghtaling Elementary School

Ketchikan Charter School

Ketchikan High School

Point Higgins Elementary School

Revilla Alternative School

Schoenbar Middle School

Tongass School of Arts and Sciences


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