Resolution to Oppose Ballot Measure 4

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Resolution to Oppose Ballot Measure 4

Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors
Resolution to Oppose Ballot Measure 4

WHEREAS, the Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce advocates for an increase in responsible natural resource development and supports Alaska’s strong regulatory and permitting laws;

WHEREAS, businesses investing in Alaska rely upon a predictable and fair permitting process, not one that is politicized;

WHEREAS, businesses who have successfully navigated rigorous state and federal environmental permitting processes should not be required to seek additional approval from the legislature for their proposed project;

WHEREAS, under current law permitting decisions are made by the administrative branch of government through the state agencies, based on laws passed by the legislature;

WHEREAS, the measure elevates the legislative branch’s authority on resource development projects in a single region of the state and undermines the authority of an administration to oversee responsible resource development;

WHEREAS, the measure sends a clear message to potential investors that Alaska does not support a stable, transparent, and objective process for evaluating resource development projects.;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT, we, the undersigned, oppose the passage of Ballot Measure 4 in the Alaska statewide general election on November 4th, 2014 and urge all Alaskans to vote “no” on 4.

Approved this _____ day of September, 2014


Nancy Christian, President                                         Chelsea Goucher, Executive Director