What We Do

What Does the Chamber of Commerce Do?

  • The Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce is organized to encourage leadership by businesses and professional individuals to improve business relations, economic well-being, and the quality of life in Ketchikan for the benefit of the entire community. To accomplish this, our Chamber is dedicated to:
  • promoting and improving the economy by increasing the tax base, encouraging business prospects and investments, and encouraging a steady employment rate through support of the local job market,
  • keeping the community informed of current government issues, maintaining  informational material on the local political and business climate, and providing answers to specific inquiries, and
  • uniting with local businesses and professional individuals to form partnerships that accomplish the things that most people think just happen! Through coordinated efforts under effective leadership, the Chamber achieves civic, commercial, and community advancement.

What Does the Chamber Hope to Accomplish?

The Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce Advocates For:

  • community economic development
  • commercial and industrial growth
  • informed members and citizens
  • development of regional priority lists
  • improvement in quality of life through Chamber events

History of the Chamber of Commerce

Since June 11, 1900, Ketchikan has had several Chamber of Commerce organizations. The objective of these early associations was to further the best interests of Southeast Alaska, particularly the Ketchikan region.

Today the Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce has much the same philosophy. The current Chamber was incorporated in May of 1967 during the “Alaska Purchase” centennial year with the purpose of promoting balanced community growth.

Currently, our Chamber of Commerce is made up of over 225 businesses and individual professional members.  The Chamber focuses its time on advocating for and educating its membership about important  issues, as well as putting on community events.

Some projects which were initiated in the early years of the Chamber, such as the 4th of July Parade, have become annual Ketchikan traditions.

The Chamber of Commerce serves as an information source for individuals and businesses interested in relocating to our area. Questions are answered and information disseminated to those who inquire about the region.

The Chamber office is staffed full time by a business manager. Volunteer directors and committee chairs plan and coordinate the Chamber’s activities which are then executed by our staff and committed volunteers.