March 4, 2016
To Whom it May Concern,
The purpose of this letter is to express the Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce’s support for continued and increased access to ferry services in the greater Ketchikan Region.
Ferry services are an economic engine for more than 35 coastal communities in Alaska, generating thousands of direct, indirect, and induced family wage jobs, and facilitating hundreds of millions of dollars of commercial activity throughout our State. Ferries move products to market, customers to businesses, and patients to medical treatment.
This is particularly true within the Ketchikan region, where ferry services play a tremendous role within a number of key industry sectors, including fisheries, tourism, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and shipbuilding and repair. Ferry terminals are “economic magnets” that have facilitated commerce, economic development, and job creation in their vicinity. For years, ferry passengers have been “anchor customers” for many businesses within the Ketchikan community. Nearly every one of the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce’s 200 businesses derives economic benefits from ferries, in one way or another.
The Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce therefore expresses its strong support for continuation and strengthening of ferry services in our community. Ferry systems and services which are of key importance and economic significance to Ketchikan include:
? The Interisland Ferry Authority
? The Alaska Marine Highway System
? Ferry access to/from the Ketchikan International Airport, preferably
through a 2-ferry system
? The Rainforest Islands Ferry
? Private sector ferry services, including:
o Service between Ketchikan and Prince Rupert, BC
o “Water Taxi” passenger service to/from the Ketchikan
International Airport
Thank you for your consideration.

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